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What is

Kait Kraving?

Living My Best Bite

For many of us, food is one of the main reasons we convene. It simply brings us together. Whether it is for religious gatherings, family celebrations, a friends birthday, cultural experiences or just to spend more intentional time together, food often provides a space for us to enjoy one another. I love that food does that. I love that food creates avenues for us to learn more and participate with one another in ways we may not otherwise interact. Shoot, even Jesus broke bread! Clearly, we must EAT! However, food is not the only substance I'm kraving, there are multiple areas of my life that I am kraving more. From faith to relationships, work and finding adventure, I hope to show all of you, how I am satisfying these kravings.  Especially my kravings for kreativity! Which is how this food lover went from just taking bites to snapping pics and kreating kontent for all the food! LET ME TAKE PICTURES FOR YOU!!! I look forward to taking a bite out of life with you and keep you all updated on how I'm living my best bite.

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