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DRIP Coffee Lounge - Camp Washington, Cincy OH

So I got to stop by Drip Coffee Lounge and I’m here for it! I had some flavorful bites and delicious coffee! And for an being an old PNC Bank, she is not looking too shabby - in fact it’s a whole vibe! It’s giving me mid century modern, meets Africa meets unexpected flavor palette meets hipster meets cocktails and conversation. A whole vibe 💁🏾‍♀️

And let’s just talk about the BOOK NOOK! I mean I. LOVE. It! ❤️ Find me here jamming to Billy Joel while sipping on some delicious coffee!

My favorite part about checking out this space honestly was talking to Doris! We had such a vibrant conversation about how cultural spaces don’t have to be pigeon holed into one perspective or concept. There is so much room for creative freedom, design and pushing the boundaries and the fact that the chef is white doesn’t deter from the African influence. I felt so inspired by her, this space and the people. Just a friendly, chill atmosphere that I can’t wait to get back too. Plus y’all know coffee is my weakness 🤣 But as always I hope you guys check them out, create your own opinions and enjoy the space! Such a good addition to the Camp Washington community!

P.S. But I really enjoyed the Beignets OKAY! Because that mango mint purée is such an unexpected refreshing addition 😍 Straight 🔥 & As always happy eating!

xo Kait xo

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