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Fames Chocolate's - Brooklyn, NY 1948

There's nothing like satisfying your sweet tooth during the holidays and at Fames Chocolates they are working to be part of that solution. From assorted chocolates to Chocolate Butter Blend Logs to the perfect gift for everyone in your family! I'm already kraving more!

My personal favorite are the fruit flavored chocolates, as a child I don't think I could appreciate the combination of the citrus/berry flavor combined with chocolate and now I love every bite! Their cashew caramel and chocolate is also a treat worth satisfying every kraving. Not to mention, the Chocolate Butter Blend Log is the perfect combo of sweet and hint of savory, not too sweet but just enough to keep you wanting more.

I want to mention that these chocolates will put a dent in your wallet and although I am often gifted a lot of food, this is one I would purchase for a holiday family event! I absolutely loved working with Fame's Chocolate and their rich decadent taste! I hope to have more in the future and hopefully be able to give more away! See my Instagram @Kaitskravings for all the bites!

You can look out for Fame's Chocolates here:

Live your best bite!

xo Kait xo

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