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Updated: Feb 16

This past week, I spent Monday - Friday in Louisville, KY. I've never been and it was honestly, SO WORTH the hour and a half drive. From delicious food to their artistic community I am dubbing Louisville as too underrated of a city. Growing up in a big city like Chicago, hearing about Kentucky was usually accompanied with negative feedback, race relation concerns, and fear of being in the middle of nowhere, but now, traveling through Kentucky myself and living so close by, here in Cincy, my opinion has totally changed. A Girls Trip to Louisville, was just what the doctored ordered. So here's where I stayed, went to eat, and oh yes, I can't wait to go back!

Where I Stayed:

The Moxy Hotel - Located Downtown Louisville, KY

The Moxy Hotel is definitely where the young, fun and hip should stay, it's right near the Ohio River, easy place to run, walk or have a picnic, just a few steps from Main Street and is a great hostile style hotel for getting all those European minimalist feels in your room, and social feels downstairs in the lobby!

Check out the hotel & room here.

Where I ate:

Breakfast & Coffee:

Toast on Market Louisville

Quills Coffee Firehouse Kitchen - Strawberry Mocha Latte w/ Bourbon Caramel - YUM!

HI-FIVE Doughnuts - East Main St.-Thick Donuts, Create Your Own & VEGAN OPTIONS

Please & Thank You - NULU - Kentucky's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Biscuit Belly - NULU For Biscuit Lovers & A Classic Omelette

Lunch & Dinner:


Check out the delicious bites here.

Pho Ba Luu - East Main Street - Saigon Street Food

La Bodeguita De Mima - Cuban Restuarant - So Good I Didn't Take A Picture of the Food!

Lueberry - East Market St. - Perfect for Plant Based Healthy Options & Full of Flavor

Wine, Cocktails & Charcuterie:

Cultured - East Main Street - Might be CHEESEY but they have the MEATS (LOL)

Pin & Proof Speakeasy & Bowling Alley @ the Omni Hotel (Don't Forget to Check out Library Bar)

Nouvelle Wine Bar & Bottle - NULU, Dreamy Wine Backyard Wonderland

Art & Spring Everywhere:

One of my favorite parts on trips is always taking advantage of the scenery around me, whether it be God's creation or the work of God's people! Don't forget to soak it all in!

One thing that I really took away from this trip is how many great places there are in underrated cities and that sometimes a change of scenery can really change how you think about the world around you. Tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and I have really started to grasp onto the fact that Jesus didn’t die and rise again for me to worry, be anxious about the future, remain stagnant, and live in fear. He died not only for our salvation but for freedom. Freedom to experience His creation, freedom to get out of our comfort zones, freedom to go somewhere different. Freedom to love and engage with the world around us in a way that can change narratives. And yes, a trip an hour and half away helped me process all of that. I know it’s been such a hard year but I have so much hope, whether it’s traveling to your backyard, out of state or just to your kitchen table with loved ones, I hope you find the God in it, I hope you experience some freedom and I hope you know you are loved! Sometimes a a little trip is all you need. ❤️🥰Also, I obviously didn't hit even a small percent of where there is to eat, hang out and of course experiences. This time around I really just enjoyed the change of scenery and a little getaway. When I go back I'll be sure to update this list and hopefully keep you guys informed of where I loved in Louisville, KY.

xo Kait xo

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