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Fall in Love with Ludlow, Kentucky

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Yall, I spent a few days in Ludlow, KY and while I frequent Ludlow this was probably the best time I've had in Ludlow in a while! There was so much to do that I have somehow missed over the years! I usually spend my days in Ludlow at Leeta Ruth but this time I bopped around and found a few more spots I'm a big fan of! Ludlow if anything is quaint and quite friendly, BUT ALSO - an unexpected destination that has so much to offer. And what I love most about Ludlow, is that you can spend your entire day on one street!


Here's everything I checked out on Elm! Here's to exploring! Not to mention Ludlow lies in the heart of the tri-state area, so it is centrally located and if you want to find more about Ludlow & Northern Kentucky, check out meet Northern Kentucky here.


Where to eat & drink:

Bircus Brewing Co.

Bircus is the perfect spot for entertainment & a classic bite to eat. Bircus is centered around a love for brews and circus life. We're talking Dinner & A Show! From joggling, aerial silks, live bands and more, you can feed your inner clown while satisfying all your pizza kravings! And OMG THE PIZZA! So much better than I expected! You can snag a classic or get clown-ish with toppings. I docked up my margherita pizza up with sundried tomatoes and artichokes! Also, let's not forget the brews! They have a selection of their own beers and a plethora of other drink options. It's the watering whole that will leave you full, with giggles and completely entertained. Add this to your list next!

Taste on Elm

Okay this spot has suddenly made my top five in spots to frequent when in Ludlow. This house of paninis and charcuterie, has tons of wines to buy and some to try, cheeses galore, jams for days and just overall good vibes. I was so surprised by what I found here at this specialty food market and even more excited to go back! Especially for their once a month wine tastings on Sunday. Check out Taste on Elm here.

Second Sights Spirits - Distillery

So here's the best part about Second Sights - THEY HAVE COFFEE! And I know what you're thinking, "but Kait, it's a part of The B-line and we are here for the Bourbon, buuttt coffee guys! What I am loving about many watering holes in the area is them expanding and creating options for everyone! Plus on Saturdays they have some SCRUMPTIOUS baked goods from North South Baking! So what I'm selling y'all is Croissants, Cocktails and Coffee, I am not mad at it! But seriously, if you're a Bourbon connoisseur this spot will definitely be one to add to the list.

The Ludlow Parlor

Here's where to curb that sweet tooth kraving! Right across from Bircus and next to Jeff & John Winkle Studio, the Ludlow Parlor is serving up all your ice cream needs! They serve up traditional creamy whip and EDIBLE COOKIE DOUGH MADE FROM SCRATCH! Oh yeah, we are here for the decadence! We spare no calories when it comes to ice cream and cookie dough! And that's not all, you can get coffee, milk shakes, sundaes and more! I'm a big fan! So treat yo' self!


Where to shop:

Willow Boutique

So here's what I love about Willow, their colorful options, summer staples and array of style options. However, their selection is quite small but I think that's a plus! It adds to how niche their clothing is and how easy of a stop and shop it is! The dressing room is right in the middle of the boutique too! A quite cozy space but great for trendy fashion. They also are extremely size inclusive, which of course is a major plus! Beauty at any size!

Leeta Ruth Boutique

Okay I know, I know, I spend soo much of my time here so it's hard for me to find anything wrong with Leeta Ruth and the owner, Kim, is easily the sweetest person I may have ever met! From trendy fashion, to fashion that pushes the boundaries and options that work for a day at the office or cocktail hour, I've found that Leeta Ruth has become one of my must stop shops for clothes that fit any occasion. Check out my Leeta Ruth Look Book here.

C. P. Reeve's Market

Reeve's is a local family owned market in Ludlow that has been up and running since 1915! This is the oldest business in Ludlow and they are still happily serving their community. From fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and items from local businesses, you have to add this to your list of stops! Especially on a crisp summer Saturday morning. Plus if you don't make it to Beelicious, where honey is all the buzz, you can snag a jar here! I got a snake plant and some honey, I'm not mad at it! Okayyyyy!

Jeff & John Winkle Studio

This is for my artist and creatives! Jeff & John Winkle Studio is owned by twin brothers who share a love for art & graphic design. This amazing duo creates mixed media art that will have you in awe! From Cincinnati themed pieces to their take on the world around them, this is a great place to pop into and get inspired! Plus their art pillows are such a great gift or souvenir to take with you! You don 't know what you'll find here so you might as well check it out and who knows, you might find a piece worth buying!

Okay I know, that is a lot of places, but that is just scratching the surface! You can spend your entire day on Elm Street in Ludlow. From snagging a slice to shopping trendy boutiques, sipping on a cocktail or grabbing a charcuterie board, even stopping by a market or antique shop, this quaint town is just waiting for you to come on over and stop by! This is such a great place to support local while finding something new and unexpected! Happy Travels Yall!

And for even more great activities, bites and entertainment all around Kentucky, be sure to check out meet Northern Kentucky.

xo Kait xo

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