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Mayday Ice Cream - Jacksonville, FL

I'm not entirely sure, but I think I could eat ice cream every day, especially if it was MAYDAY! Let's face it, that's saying a lot coming from a girl who lives in Cincinnati with UDF, Graeter's and Jeni's surrounding me.

One of the main reasons, Mayday Ice Cream is a staple for me, is because of their dairy-free flavors, which not only means diversity in flavors but more options! And here at Kaitskravings we love options! Also, did I mention their dairy-free flavors are ACTUALLY GOOD! This is a big deal, because once you know what regular ice cream taste like it's a hard sell to live in dairy-free land. To be honest, I still have yet to find a dairy-free vanilla ice cream that compares to Blue Bell or Breyers and that is simply the truth LOL.

However, if you're looking to satisfy your ice cream kraving while in the Jacksonville, Florida area you should definitely pop over to one of Mayday's Lokaitions and get the full scoop! Delicious or just another ice cream shop, you decide!

Dirty Chai (Dairy-Free) & Raja Honey Scoop with Sprinkles & A Waffle Cone Cookie - Looking back on it, I should have gotten two scoops of the Raja Honey, it was SO GOOD and was made with a Jasmine Green Tea & Local Honey! YUMMM

Toasted Coconut & Strawberry Mint Scoops (Both Dairy-Free) Please do not sleep on this flavor combination, I got all the summer daiquiri feels with these two scoops, a total win for me! DESSERT ME PLEASE!

Okay I'm done now! Go & Live your best bite!

xo Kait xo

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