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Oakley Fish House - Oakley Square - Cincy, OH

Photo By Oakley Fish House

Overall I’m a big fan of the Oakley Fish House. I mean as you can see, they have great food and great atmosphere. Plus for a pescatarian like me, having more fish options up the street is never a problem! My biggest recommendations here are the Lobster Bisque, the Stuffed Sole and the Jumbo Crab Cake . The gnocchi itself wasn’t my favorite but the shrimp in the gnocchi was FIRE! I’d definitely encourage y’all to check this spot out! It’s located right in Oakley Square. And the best part is, you can head to Oakley Square earlier in the day, grab coffee from Deeper Roots, hit some local shops like Rivertown Inkery and Trend Cincinnati, then snag lunch or dinner Oakley Fish House and end with dessert Aglamesis Bros. With the location being the old spot for Habits, I think it’s easy to walk or drive by but next time you’re in the area try not to and drop in! Good service, good food and great social distance seating! Happy Eating!

Random Thought: I wish they named this place “O-Kish” after mulling it over with a friend, we think a fun hipster name would really add to the appeal, idk, millennial minds at work (LOL)


Check out all the eats! Lunch Menu - Dinner Menu - Wine Menu - Beer & Cocktail Menu

xo Kait xo

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