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Kait Gets Krunchin' with Crunchmaster Crackers

I know what you're all thinking. Crackers? Really? Isn't Kaitskravings all about decadent delicious eats from local Cincinnati restaurants and shops? Well, of course! I mean, we are beyond loyal to local over here. That being said, we all know that sometimes stopping for a luxury two-hour lunch is not always practical, that fast food is not the best option aaannddd, while I love keeping a banana on me, I love even more finding an on-the-go snack that is low-calorie, flavorful, filling and shame free! SOOOO, this summer I am definitely GETTING MY CRUNCH ON.

One of the main reasons I will keep choosing Crunchmaster is their devotion to good snacks that are also GOOD FOR YOU. You guys know I am always trying out snacks that work toward my health goals in order to try and stay on track. Even more so, when I find a snack that is guilt-free, I am SO MUCH MORE EXCITED TO SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.

My friends and I manage to eat almost a bag of the Protein Brownie Thins a day when we're together. With only 130 calories, 4 grams of sugar and 8 grams of vegetable protein per serving (32 crackers), I mean, THIS IS MY KIND OF TREAT! Plus the Multi-Seed Original Crackers are a great alternative for chips. From their low calories and simple but tasty flavor, all you need is your favorite dip or spread to create the perfect summer snack.

So, here's the big question...How Will I Crunchmaster this Summer?

Well, I am absolutely keeping a bag of Crunchmaster Crackers on me at all times, but in true Kaitskravings fashion, I am planning several small moments to share these crunchy thins with the people I love, in the places I love, and you should too! It's as simple as One, Two, Three.

1. Grab your favorite flavor of Crunchmasters Crackers—or perhaps your two favorites.

The more the merrier! I am currently loving the Originals & Brownie Thins. (HELLO MY SWEET TOOTH 😍)

2. Snag a few of your favorite fruits.

Strawberries, dried apricots and grapes are in my top five, and they are easy to transport in their original packaging. Not to mention there is no need to slice and dice them. They are just a chomp away!)

3. Bring along your favorite dip or spread.

I am a sucker for goat cheese, so I grabbed some goat cheese rolled in everything seasoning & dried berries from Kroger! (This is so easy to replicate. It’s friendly, on-the-go and really spices up your cracker fruit and pairings!)

Now, all that's left is to combine these guilt-free treats and create your day with the ones you love. It could be while camping, hosting a girls day picnic at your favorite park, perhaps for a day at the pool, or even as your post-workout bite! I mean the opportunities are really endless. With the world opening up again and so many of us ready to be out and about, you can't go wrong with keeping a stash of these crunchies on you, and believe me, your friends will thank you.

A unique combo that will have your taste buds tingling is the SCRUMPTIOUS Brownie Thins, goat cheese with everything seasoning, topped with a dried apricot. You don't want to sleep on this one! It's all the savory and sweet feels we crave with that perfectly added CRUNCH! You won't be mad you treated your friends, family and YOURSELF to this one! Super easy to replicate on-the-go or at home!

Crunchmaster Crackers aren't full of GMOs or artificial flavors. They are gluten-free, made with wholesome ingredients. Most of all, they're simple—nothing complicated over here. Whether you're headed to your neighborhood baseball game or planning a day in the park, Crunchmaster Crackers are a delicious simple addition that will satisfy your taste buds! Did I mention that many of their flavors are dairy and egg-free?!

All in all, the next time you're looking for that on-the-go snack, be on the lookout for Crunchmaster products, which can be found at your local Kroger and remember to #takeacrunchinbreak. Trust me, they will be a staple in your home before you know it!

xo Krunchedout Kait xo

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