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Save Your Morning Routine with LUVME

Is it just me or are y'all tired of doing your hair? I mean, maybe I'm the only one but I wake up almost everyone morning, like, Lord help me figure out this hair. Should I rock a bun, throw on a ponytail, rock a long slick back braid, toss on a wig, add some bangs. I mean y'all see it. If you click on enough of my blog articles I'm sure you will make it through a plethora of my hair styles. Just check out my first hair article, here, that might cover it, LOL.

That being said, I found a daily solution that at first I was apprehensive about but now I'm in love with!! It's so simple! Easy to pop on and comes with the tools! So if you're anything like me and your bathroom becomes a jungle in 30 minutes, this should help! And I know it's so on trend right now, but yes, my solution currently is the, drum roll please, HEAD - BAND - WIG. Yup!

Cue the Reel "Yup! And y'all laughing like it's so funny. Catch me in this outside, how bout dat. And nobody gone catch me. Yup, cause I'm too street wise."


Peep the LUV Story:

So what am I rocking right now? This unit is the Body Wave High Density Affordable Headband Wig from LUVME.

This wig comes in the color natural black and various inches. There is no lace but that is okay because it has the headband attached, making it super natural and easy to style. When you order this wig not only will you receive the wig, but five additional headbands, tweezers, a wig cap, bobby pins, an edge brush, additional elastic for fitting, a silk sash to lay your edges down and more!

More Reasons Why You Should Check Out This Wig:

  1. Super Easy to Install or "Pop On" LOL

  2. Beginner Friendly, If You've Never Done Wigs - Start Here

  3. The Silky Soft to Touch Feel & Easy to Style

  4. Versatility! We're Talking, down, half up half down, bun, braid, style how you want! The tracks attached to the wig are easy to hide!

  5. It's Breathable & Comfy!

  6. No Glue & Combs Behind Headband - Saving Those Edges - OKAY!

  7. Easy Protective Style!


I will definitely be ordering more from LUVME hair, I would love to try some of their lace wig options too. From their quick shipping and delivery to the silky texture of their wigs I'm excited to see what else might become a staple in my hair stash.

Shop LUVME HAIR here and check out their IG!

Here's to taking my hair routine from 30 minutes to 5!

xo Kait xo

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