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A Night in Versailles, Ohio

Versailles, (pronounced: ver-sales) Ohio, is a small village, located in west central Ohio with a population of 2,700. With a population that small it's hard to imagine this spot as a great holiday destination but they are home to a hidden gem that everyone should know about and spend at least a night or two!

Located in the heart of Versailles, is Hotel Versailles and Silas (pronoucned: Sigh-las) Creative Kitchen. This two for one duo is one you won't want to miss out on. It is the perfect combination that amplifies this small village into a must visit spot for the local and distant traveler. Now I won't sugar coat it, outside of the hotel and restaurant there isn't much to do for another 20 miles. Which I know can be intimidating, even for myself. The last few miles of the drive there had me reconsidering for a moment but I was truly pleasantly surprised.

This is the kind of town, where everyone knows everyone and the local pride is strong. I even got to witness it for myself, as the town came together for the beginning of the holiday season festivities. It was honestly like being in the middle of a lifetime or Hallmark movie. Seeing everyone come outside with marshmallows and a fire in the center of town, Santa riding through the middle and a Christmas Market to top it off, with local vendors. I've never grown up in small town or known what it was like to stand out as THE CITY GIRL, but inside of the hotel, I felt right at home, outside not as much but that was okay! I think that's part of traveling and being open minded. I didn't do a lot of research before heading to Versailles and I assumed it would be lined with coffee shops, other restaurants and boutiques but not so much and that was okay! It honestly, amplified the hotel experience for me and how wonderful of a gem it is. It truly will bring in more people from around Ohio and of course foodies. Visiting Hotel Versailles was special, it's the type of place where all the little moments really count. So let's get into these little moments, starting with the hotel.

Hotel Versailles

Hotel Versailles has been around since 1865 (or at least the building/location) and has had many a name and many an owner but most recently was known as, the Inn at Versailles, which housed 23 suites, a dining room, two banquet rooms and hotel lobby along with a restaurant on the first floor of the hotel. However in October of 2019 there was an unfortunate substantial fire that resulted in the closing of the Inn. Hotel Versailles was rebuilt soon after and is the beauty that you see below.

Hotel Versailles is not only stunning but has an array of room options to cater to your travel needs, from a spa suite with an oversized soaking tub, to a deluxe double queen guestroom, deluxe king guestroom and one bedroom suite. I stayed in a deluxe king guestroom and thought it was perfect for two, just enough space to get cozy, however if you like to take bath I highly recommend the spa suite!

I really loved how light and airy the room felt, along with the stunning tile that compliments the bathroom walls. All of the gold accents and green additions met with deep blues, pops of color and sleek finishes almost makes you feel like you left the village for a moment. It is almost like walking into a mini new world. Even upon arrival, the chandeliers that greet you, with rot iron finishes following you throughout the first floor bar, you can't help but want to stay longer.

Personally, the gummy bears, robe and iPad in room were what really sold me but also that bed! I had an amazing night of sleep and a beautiful view of the snow in the morning, I mean something out of a movie. Did I mention how kind everyone was!

Would I go back?

I know, a small village and a pretty hotel, you have got to be wondering if I would go back, well, truth be told, YES. BUTTTT, for very specific reasons. Once again, I would not lie to y'all, it is hard for me to travel to a town where at some points I felt a tad out of place and I wasn't able to bop around from new place to new place, BUT, this, to me was my perfect Holiday get away. I would love to come back here and just escape the real world. There's really no reason to leave the hotel, so why would I? I plan on coming back to unplug. Perhaps to write some blog articles in that cozy robe while ordering in-room dining, or finding my way to the bar at 5 and getting to know a few new faces. Not to mention, this is a great spot for a cozy getaway for two! The perfect out of town spot to get wrapped up in one another, so maybe I'll take Kevin one day. I mean he must try the food! (Plus the day trip back through Dayton was a hit!)



Silas Creative Kitchen

So we all know, when it comes to food, ya girl is all in! Driving two hours for food just makes sense to me, guess I got lucky this time and got to stay, but seriously I may have paid to stay just to get that Focaccia Flatbread again! Outside of my favorite part being that I could walk downstairs for dinner, I really loved how seamless the restaurant flow was to the hotel and how the design was elevated, sophisticated and inviting. Our server was absolutely amazing, knowledgeable about each dish, their categorized menu and drinks that we were bound to love! I think we tried almost all of them, but that's besides the point, LOL. This was a wonderful dinner and I got to give props to Executive Chef Allen and this fresh and unexpected dinner that is sustainably sourced, from local farms, purveyors and distillers. This farm to table experience left me wanting to come back and so should you!

The Order:

Homemade Breads - Flatbread - Roasted Brussels - Beef Fat Fries - Tempura Fried Wild Mushrooms - Empanadas - Slow Roasted + Grilled Lamb - Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Skewers - Pan Roasted Faroe Island Salmon - Fig Cake

Silas also serves breakfast and lunch, and the in-house bar often has live music and the same delicious cocktails that are served at dinner!


I hope you found a new place to adventure to and some reasons you can't say no to! Happy exploring!

xo Kait xo

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