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Two Days in Dublin, OH - Travel Guide

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Yall! What a time I had in Dublin, OH! This is such a great destination for a weekend full of activities! I would say that two to three days is definitely enough time to soak in so much of what Dublin has to offer, while still getting to enjoy some rest and relaxation. What I think makes Dublin so great is that you can literally walk everywhere! I'm serious, there are only a few places that really need a set of wheels and even then, they are still super close! A special shout out to Visit Dublin Ohio, for sponsoring this trip and helping me to get to know Ohio even more! But, alright, enough of that, let's get to the details!

Where I stayed:

The Springhill Suites Marriott at the Dublin Bridge Park

A hotel is a hotel right? Nope, they are have their own flair and charm, even the most simple of spaces can make a difference during a quick trip! The location of the Springhill really made exploring Dublin, so easy! Plus the facility is clean, spacious and the nightly rate is super affordable with it being right in the heart of everything. Whether you want to pop down to the The Dublin Market, grab a bite to eat at the North Market Bridge Park or even get a change of scenery and stroll to Historic Dublin over the "S" Bridge (Dublin Link Bridge), you're right there! The room I stayed in had one King bed but with a pull out couch, coffee bar, office nook and bathroom of course! It was so roomy and easy to share! If you're worried about needing two hotel rooms or booking a double you can totally opt for the pull out sofa option and save a few coins! Overall, what I loved most about this location, was when I needed a mid day nap it was just around the corner, almost literally a hop, skip and a jump away from all the activities. So don't be afraid to snooze because you won't lose this time around!

Did I mention breakfast is included :)


Where I wined & dined:

North Market - Bridge Park

Okay, yall already know I am not a picky eater, I will find something to eat anywhere! BUT if you are hanging out with a group of picky or particular eaters and are looking for tons of options, there is no better place to snag a bite than at North Market Bridge Park. The North Market Bridge Park houses a variety of eateries, drinkeries and shops! From baked goods to Mediterranean bites, Latin plates, bubble tea and some happy hour sips, you really can't go wrong here. I am such a fan of the collaborative and community style eateries, especially because it's housed right in the mist of the Bridge Park. Super easy and quick! Not mention you can get a little of something from everywhere and stay a while! Ohhhhhhh, AND AND AND. it's also super affordable! You can save a few bucks on lunch and plan to splurge on dinner!

Coast Wine House

I don't have time to lie so I have to keep it straight with you guys. The Coast Wine House was ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE stop on this mini vacay, and here's why. It has a super cozy atmosphere, everyone is SO FRIENDLY, the vibe is like cottage meets vineyard meets neighborhood bar. You can just tell how much love there is here! You really do feel like you're at someone's house and believe me, you make yourself right at home. My only regret is not realizing that I should have made a reservation for the outside patio area, so I will just have to go back! But, sitting right at the bar was great and nothing to WINE ABOUT - Total pun intended. You can enjoy an array of drinks there, they also have a DORA to go drink menu, or buy a bottle and share it at home with loved ones. I highly recommend this spot if wine and light bites are your thing, you just can't beat those cozy feels in the heart of Historic Dublin.

VASO - Rooftop Eatery at the AC Hotel

Honestly, going to VASO post The Coast Wine House, really made my Saturday in Dublin, feel like Saturday. There is just an energy at VASO that gives you upscale with all the chill fun vibes, The staff wants you to have fun and enjoy your time while still being very professional. The food is SO DELICIOUS! It definitely helps that I tried so many options but there are really so many options for veggie lovers and meat eaters! The rooftop view is so green and luscious during the summer, you can see the Link Bridge and over into Historic Dublin. VASO is another great girls day spot or date night, and great for big celebrations! Another, of course, great addition to any Dublin trip!

The Order:

Charcuterie Board - Brazilian Cheese Bread Bites - Seared Sea Scallops - Ropa Vieja - Chocolate Ganache Tart - Churros Con Chocolate - Sticky Toffee Cake - Juniper + Citrus Cocktail - Tropical Bloomingdale Cocktail

Tucci's for Sunday Brunch

By now, you guys know me, I will check out a restaurant merely because of the aesthetics. And the patio aesthetics here did not disappoint but neither did the food. Everything was flavorful, plated beautifully and timely! Even though there was a good brunch crowd the wait after we ordered wasn't long at all. Not to mention, our waiter knew his stuff and you could tell he really had a heart for Tucci's. I didn't question for a second what to order. The only thing I questioned was if I should've order more, LOL! I also loved how once again it was in the heart of Historic Dublin! I enjoyed Bridge Park area but Historic Dublin feels like you landed somewhere outside of Ohio. Probably a great destination around fall.

The Order:

Smoked Salmon Toast - Eggs Benedict (Three Eggs!) - Brioche French Toast - One Mimosa & Coffee

Johnson's Real Ice Cream

Established in 1950, this local ice cream spot is serving some classic and whimsical scoops. AND services over 300 restaurants! Johnson's is a family owned business that operates on quirkiness and laughter. With an array of flavors, dairy-free options and pints to take home, Johnson's is cooling down any summer day in the sweetest way. And yes, I took this many pictures of my Lemon Cha Cha Ice Cream Cone! Do you see the color it is literally soooo lemony and bright!


Where I played:

So, I'm 27, I guess "play" isn't the best word but here are the places/activities I had a ball at, that made me fall even more in love with Dublin. Eating and sleeping is usually top of my list but getting to enjoy what makes Dublin - Dublin, really put the icing on the cake for me. So here are a few spots that are worth your time, whether you stay for 10 minutes an hour or all day.

The Dublin Market

The Dublin Market at Bridge Park is every Saturday from 9 AM to 12 PM - May 1 through Sept.25th and let me tell you, this is such a great way to kick off your Saturday and support small! From flowers and baked goods to fresh farm finds and great gifts, this is the perfect introduction to get to know those who love being a part of the Dublin community. I should mention, SO MANY of the flowers sold out! Soooo, if you're super into florals like me, it might be worth getting there earlier than later, lol, just a tip.

Dublin Art in Public Places

Dublin is full of art! I only made it to three spots but each was unique and eye catching! Living in Cincinnati for the last few years, and growing up in Chicago, art culture is so important to me. Art tells the stories that we can't always communicate, it's what makes it so special our cities, others and I'm so sure the artist. While in Dublin, I checked out Leatherlips at Scioto Park, which also has a darling picnic area, lake views and plenty of little ducklings to feed. I also found my way to Field of Corn and the Watch House. You have to pop over to Field of Corn, it was just so interesting to me, all these corn sculptures just in the "middle of nowhere", whereas the Watch House is some what tucked away in its own "secret garden". For more art to explore check out the Dublin Art's Council.

Tidbit Time: Leatherlips, was created in 1990 and was the first of over 70 pieces of public art that exists in Dublin today.

Hayden Run Falls

Yall! This stop is so worth it! Unfortunately the observation deck is somewhat small and limits how many people can be in the front viewing area at once but OMG, you almost forget you're in Ohio. This waterfall helps you realize how big the world really is, even the walk down leading up to it is so gorgeous. Full of foliage with the sun piercing through, it was a dream to walk to after Sunday Brunch. You may have to snap a picture fast if there's a crowd but take your time on the walk back and SOAK IT ALL IN!

Indian Run Falls

Unlike Hayden Run Falls, Indian Run Falls gives you a little more walking time and more waterfall views (although smaller), there are a few paths you can take to keep exploring and switch up your perspective. It's so beautiful and serene here, I really enjoyed just sitting by the water and listening to it rush by. I think we often forget how amazing our little planet is and I love exploring spots like this in new places. Also parking was right near by! AND if two waterfalls aren't enough, you can add a few more to your list! Check out Visit Dublin Ohio's Waterfall Tour Guide here!

Boho 72

Admittedly most of my shopping happened at the Dublin Market, mostly because I opted for a nap between all the festivities but I did stop by Boho 72 Boutique in Historic Dublin. I love finding local boutiques when I'm in a new area, because I might find something that I can't get anywhere else! I really love some of the home décor items here and jewelry, although the 50 percent off rack also caught my eye. If you're looking to grab a gift or fun household find, check Boho 72 out!


And to put it into layman's terms:

Day 1:

10 AM - Arrive & Get Settled at the Hotel

Checked out the Dublin Market at Bridge Park

12ish - Snagged some lunch at the North Market Bridge Park

Walked off lunch into Historic Dublin - Over the Link Bridge - Which was so GORGEOUS

1ish - Headed to check out all the must see art stops! Leather Lips, Field of Corn & Watch House

Headed back to the hotel for a quick nap and refresh - y'all it was HOT!

4ish PM - Headed back into Historic Dublin and checked out the Coast Wine House for some pre-dinner sips

6 PM - Enjoyed a rooftop dinner at VASO

8:30ish - walked around Bridge Park but decided I was exhausted and headed back to the hotel to enjoy the comfy bed, Oreo's from the lobby and to catch some of this years Olympics

Day 2:


11 AM - Checked out of hotel and headed back into Historic Dublin for Brunch at Tucci's

12:30ish - Stopped at Boho 72 for some shopping

1ish - Headed to Hayden Run Falls & Indian Run Falls

Sometime around 3 - Slid to Johnson's Real Ice Cream to end my trip on a sweet note and then I was homebound.

What I packed: 4 outfits - Two Day & Two Night/Afternoon - Here are three! (The fourth one is pictured at Hayden Run Falls)


Overall, Dublin, OH is definitely worth your time! Small town feels with upscale vibes and so much to do in walking distance, I can't believe how many places I didn't go there! One more day totally would have been the icing on the cake for me. Dublin, is fun, light and yet romantic and dreamy, so much more than what I expected, but don't just take my word for it, find out for yourself! AND check out Visit Dublin Ohio for more! Find everything you need here. Happy Travels!

xo Kait xo

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