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Meet Me in Covington, KY

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Founded in 1815 Covington, KY is known for their historic neighborhoods, and gorgeous architecture! However in the last few years, even months I'd argue that Covington, KY is a hub for delicious bites with trendy eatery concepts, waterfront hotels and restaurants, charming Main Strasse Village and let's not forget the Cincinnati views. If you're from Cincinnati, I suggest hopping over the Roebling (once construction is done LOL) and landing directly in Covington, but if you're from out of town and looking to discover Covington, the best new spot to stay is the Pickle Factory Airbnb at the neat suites. I will argue, once you stay there you may never want to leave!

So, let's face it, any trendy city is going to have endless options for food, fun and recreation, I am only going to cover a few but you guys get the point, GET OUT AND EXPLORE! And if you stay close by you can WALK TO ALL OF THESE SPOTS! BOOM!


So here's where to stay:

The Pickle Factory

The Pickle Factory is more than a 150 year old building that housed a soft drink factory, a steam dye company and the African-American Odd Fellows Fraternal Organization. What's so cool about this piece of history, now deemed the Pickle Factory, is not only the name or even that my artwork might be hanging on its walls, (wink wink) but the fact that every room is one of a kind, thanks to Mandy at Manman Interiors. Everything about the Pickle Factory makes Covington even more special.

The Eight Themed Rooms: Pickle Peel, Pickle Juice, Odd Fellows, Cigar & Bourbon, Soda Pop, Wenzel Luxe, Wenzel Mod, Neon (See Pictures)

I had the chance to attend the grand opening, toured all the rooms and stayed in the Odd Fellows room on the third floor and I slept great! Also downstairs they are going to add a build your own bourbon bar that will be a part of the B-Line! How cool is that! So head on over to the neat suites and check it out! (Reservations opening in July 2021)


Here's where to eat, drink & experience live music on a budget:

The Covington Yard

Looking for chill night out vibes? THE YARD is the spot! No need to get all dressed up or even make a reservation, just bring yourself, and your good mood! AND this is another northern Kentucky success of shipment containers turned "mock yard". They have several eateries on site, live music, a golf station, jumbo jenga, a giant connect four and more! I personally loved checking out Mr. Bulgogi, which is Korean BBQ in a cup as well as grabbing a drink from their main watering hole. This is a great spot mid day or at night! Grab an easy lunch or a fun dinner on a budget!

Eishaus & Frosthaus

These two are probably the perfect pair, it says adults day with the kids, or no kids LOL! Whether you like ice cream, slushies, food or ice cream that looks like food, they have you covered! There are some unique creamy creations here and outdoor seating in the mist of Covington.

Eishaus serves up ice cream, shakes, sundaes and more! With vegan options too! BUT they are known for their unique take on spaghetti with a German flair. They are serving up ice cream that totally looks like Spaghetti, or as we call it, Cincinnati Chili. So naturally I scarfed down a new take on a Skyline 3-Way. (Eis, noodled ice cream, chocolate sauce with rice crispies, yellow chocolate shavings and mini vanilla wafers!) SO GOOD! If you're not a fan of eis, you can always grab some matcha here, coffee or some breakfast bites.

Frosthaus on the other hand is making some awesome frozen drinks with flavors like, mango, ice cream (yes you read that right), strawberry, Kentucky lemonade and more! You can try before you buy and mix flavors. They also have sandwiches, salads, mac and cheese, frosty flats (flat breads), plenty of sides and apps too. You can check out the menu here.

Haven Café

Don't think I forgot about my coffee lovers! There is tons of coffee in Covington, I mean, we got to have our caffeine ANNNDDD treats! So if you're looking for a morning sip that will serve up some local pastries as well, Haven Café is your place! Haven Café partners with local bakers like Charnee's Mindful Donuts, who specializes in vegan sweets and they even partner with Brown Bear Bakery on the other side of the river! They have plant-based/dairy free options and are right next door to The Native One, which means SHOPPING!


Here's where to get some shopping done:

The Native One

Looking for a new outfit, before heading out on the town? The Native One is one of my favorites, not only do they sell clothes but household décor, dried florals, candles, cards and more! They have locations both in Cincinnati and Covington! And their location in Covington is super easy to walk too. Their sizes are also pretty true to size, I can actually wear a lot of smalls here in flowy dresses and mediums in bottoms. Their color palette does range with the seasons but they cover most colors with pieces that are both neutral staples or bright colorful options!

Purple Paisley Local Artisan Shop

Okay, where are my art lovers and supporters of small business? Because this is going to be your hidden gem! The Purple Paisley Local Artisan Shop is located on 715 Scott Blvd, aka the Renaissance District, just around the corner from some of our favorites, like Rich's Proper, Agave & Rye, Papi Jocho's, Braxton's, well you get the point. So if you are snagging even more bites in the area this is a great spot to pop over too and support the local art community!

Their shop carries almost all mediums of art and are done by numerous local emerging artist within the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. From wood work, to paintings, photography, custom box banjos, jewelry and prints there is so much talent from our neighbors within this shop. Personally, I think this is where you buy a keepsake or gift for a loved one, it will for sure be one of a kind and you would be supporting the local art community. ALSO! They host art classes in house! How cool is that! And now that the world is opening back up, what better way to get creative and support the arts!


Here's where to go next:

...….This is where you fill in the blank!........

There is so much to explore in Covington, NO WAY, I could get everywhere in one day but believe me there are so many great places to add to this list! From a great dining experiences at Bouquet and stopping at another new watering whole like The Globe, you just have to get out there, take a stroll and see where the path takes you! Plus you can find even more ideas of where to land at meet Northern Kentucky! They have so many resources and all the updates on what's new around town! Happy Exploring!

xo Kait xo

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