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4 Reasons to Love Newport on the Levee All Year Round

1. IGLOOS! IGLOOS! IGLOOS! (Well there's three reasons already - LOL)

Don't let the winter chills scare you away, this outdoor park is - TOTALLY- prepared for the cold months. My whole life I have LITERALLY, dreamed of living in a snow globe and now I can-ish. Although, there are many options for igloos in the Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area, so far, Bridgeview Box Park has my favorite to date. Here's why, one, THAT HEATER! I can honestly say I was warm the entire time, perhaps even got hot. Two, the Bluetooth speaker and Jenga add to the chill and yet competitive vibes that you can experience with friends & family. Third the SERVICE, THEY COME TO YOU! And most of all, you're inside but outside in a COVID friendly way with your closest peeps. (I should also add, its definitely Instagrammable) This year the fear of being frost bitten is long gone, this summertime favorite just got icy.

Igloos can be reserved through Kon Tiki or contact Newport on the Levee.

2. The Exchange Market

Photo by Nick Montag

The Exchange market features local shops to bring BIG FEELS to small business. Yall, I kid you not, they have something for everyone here! From home décor at the Farmhouse Goods Co., fashion finds at Anew Clothing and the perfect additions for a night of self-care and a luxurious bubble bath at &Sundries, The Exchange has it all. Yes, I know what you're thinking, yes, yes, they have wine too LOL at Ripple Wine Bar and flavor filled picks at Colonel De, a seasons shop to keep your taste buds tingling at each meal. YUM!

From their new Bridgeview Box Park to The Exchange, Newport on the Levee has truly stepped their game up! Who knew a pandemic would make Northern Kentucky (NKY) look even better. This new market shopping experience is a great addition to two hot stops there, the Aquarium and Rotolo Bowling & Eatery.

3. SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMERTIME! (Oh, another three reasons LOL)

Summertime at Newport on the Levee means a day full of beautiful sunrays, that gorgeous Cincinnati Skyline we all love and some yummy bites! PER USUAL! I often forget that just across the river the view of Cincy is so amazing! But the views are just the beginning. They have added so many eateries and drink spots that will make your summer one to remember. My FAVE of course is Bon Mi Street, which serves up some classic Vietnamese bites and of course MILK TEA! I'M THERE! I also love the fact that Kon Tiki on the Levee, will give you all those fun summer island feels while chilling on the Ohio River. Let's not forget that they have hexagons painted on the ground! When each person stands inside the center of one, they’re six feet a part from each

other, so if you’re worried about social distancing, they got you!

4. Versatility

Photo by Nick Montag

Although, it's last on the list, Newport on the Levee is seriously a gem due to its versatility. Anyone can enjoy their time here, it's all about finding what you like and making a day out of it. From heading to the movies and grabbing a quick bite at Five Guys or making date night one to remember with Brio and snagging an extra scoop or two, at Cold Stone Creamery, Newport on the Levee, marries the world of big and small. Plus all ages can find their niche here. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky has become a hub for drinks, dining and decadent desserts, but if you're looking for a family friendly environment where the adults can still snag a few sips, don't hesitate to spend your day here. Bring your friends and family, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Need to satisfy your Newport Kraving? Get all the info here.

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xo Kait xo

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