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Life's A Picnic with We Picnic NKY

Okay, if 2020 taught us anything it's that we all love charcuterie and clearly have not grown up! We are all obsessed with our fancy lunchables and finger foods! So I guess charcuterie was one of the best things to come out of 2020. BUT 2021 brought us sophisticated recess with fashionable lunchables. Yup, luxury picnics! AND I love it!!!

Picnics are honestly so great for girls outings, family pictures, date night, perhaps Shakespeare in the park and so much more! So why not add a rug and umbrella to sauce up any event! Especially this time of year, where summer meets fall. LOVE IT!


Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend one of We Picnic NKY, picnics and omg it was so beautiful! If it wasn't for the bee's it may have been the perfect day!

Note to self: Bees love lemonade and not just because Beyoncé sang about it LOL!


Okay, but seriously! If you need some help having a FAB picnic check out We Picnic NKY - you can find them on IG: @wepicnicnky or online! They are black and woman owned and creating outdoor spaces into an eatery day dream! Plus so many of her decor items and arrangements are from local companies within the Cincinnati & Kentucky area! Talk about supporting local! Don't forget to play some music, take some pictures with the portable camera and explore the scenery! Ault park is such a great place to picnic in Cincinnati, add that one to the top of your list!

And as always eat the things, enjoy life and never stop picnic-ing!

xo Kait xo

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