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Over the years I have become a HUGE fan of Buddha Bowls, which is a vegetarian style bowl which consist of an array of veggies, whole grains like quinoa and usually a plant-based protein option. And while I tend to eat more plant based, this time around we're creating a spin on both Pioneer's Ancho Beef Stew Seasoning Mix and Buddha style bowls.

What I love about this recipe is, it is simple, easy - OF COURSE - but it is like the gift that keeps on giving. You can use this as a new meal prep meal, because trust you'll keep coming back for more. And while I didn't actually make a stew, just know that you can! Food and seasonings especially are so versatile, which is what I love about them. Being in the kitchen always gives me a creative space and freedom to create something new and usually a new memory too. So BIG THANKS to Pioneer, who keeps so many of us turning meals into memories, since 1851. I will definitely remember spilling this sauce and starting over lol.


  • 1 pack of Pioneer's Ancho Beef Seasoning Mix - 2 Tbsp for your Quinoa & 2 1/2 Tbsp for your sauce

  • 3 Tbsp of Tomato Paste

  • 15oz of Shredded Beef (I bought a precooked beef, you can make your own or buy pre-made, just make sure to shred)

  • 1 cup Quinoa

  • Purple Cabbage

  • 1 Can of Corn

  • Chopped Onion

  • 1 Avocado

  • Shredded Carrots

  • Kale

  • Radishes


Of course! Y'all know that I flex all the foods and definitely thought this sauce with mushrooms or tofu would be good too! Or even jackfruit! Oh, Definitely jackfruit! If I could have found some jackfruit I may have used that instead. But as always make it your own! Even the veggies can be swapped out with your favorites. Add cheese or an egg, shoot take away what you don't like, either way feel free to eat how you like! What's great about Pioneer's Ancho Beef Seasoning Mix is that the Ancho, nearly BBQ flavor compliments a ton of different ingredients and the Quinoa is really so good on it's own, so feel free to play around with it, or even make a stew! Either way - YOU GOT THIS!




PREP TIME: 10 Minutes COOK TIME: 10 Minutes TOTAL: 20 Minutes SERVES: 3-4


INSTRUCTIONS 1. Begin cooking Quinoa as instructed on your package - this is usually one cup Quinoa to 2 cups water. Once added to your pot, add your 2Tbsp of Pioneer's Ancho Beef Seasoning Mix. mix together and allow to cook as usual.

2. In a small bowl add 2 1/2 Tbsp of Pioneer's Ancho Beef Seasoning Mix, 3 Large Tbsp of Tomato Paste and 1/4c to 1/2 c of water. Mix well. (The amount of water you use will determine thickness & potency. I think I ended up starting with 1/4 c and ending with 1/2 to ensure it was thin enough but also to make sure the flavor wasn't too intense)

3. Mix your Beef & Sauce together (You can do so in a pan to warm up or leave room temperature, I left mine room temperature. Add more water to pan/sauce if need be)

4. Assemble! Add all those veggies, some avocado slices, a big scoop of quinoa, etc. I placed mine on this wooden serving platter to show all ingredients but feel to use a high rimmed plate or bowl. The high rimmed plate is so aesthetic lol.

5. Mix all together and enjoy! There is so right or wrong way to mix these up so get to eating!

*This made me about three bowls and I basically eye bawled all the veggies to my taste. I was heavier handed on my faves but only added a few radishes and onions. *


Do not sleep on the Pioneer's Ancho Beef Seasoning Mix with the quinoa! It is so good and probably something I'll do more often to add some additional flavor. Plus it takes the work off me to curate all the spices. Instead it's all in one pack. We love that! Wondering where you can find this delicious seasoning mix? Pioneer products are available at a grocer near you! I like to buy mine at my local Kroger, one of my favorite places, but you can find the best location for you, using their store locator here.

xo kait xo

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