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Black Baking Bombshells - Black Girls Killin' It in the Kitchen

Sweets have always been my favorite! I like a good savory snack, but a baked good will steal my heart in a second, so it's no surprise that I am indulging in all the sweets, especially these made from the heart and soul of woman just like me. From cheesecakes to cookies, I am such a fan of these Bombshells who decided to take the leap, start their own businesses and run for the hills. These women not only inspire me by the food they bake but also by who they are! Whether it's their love for Jesus, their business mindset, their zeal for life, or even just their chill vibes, these woman are using their oven to create a community of SWEET - INSPIRING - BLACK- ENTREPRENEURS.


Sweet Mae's Cookie Co.

Tiffany is the owner of Sweet Mae’s Cookie Co. and is killing the stuffed cookie game! From adventurous combinations like Lemon White Chip with Cookie Butter to classics like Carrot Cake and Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk, her stuffed cookies are nothing short of SCRUMPTIOUS! Not to mention, they’re also pretty to look at! My only warning is each cookie is four servings, but hey, as they say at Sweet Mae’s, forget about your waste line! Girl you look fine! A little muffin top never hurt anyone. Find out even more about these AMAZING stuffed cookies here or email them at


Yanna's Sweet's

Located in Loganville, Georgia, Yanna’s Sweets is giving us all the sweet bites! No seriously, I mean ALL! From Cupcakes and Chocolate Covered Strawberries to Cookies and Cakes, Oh, did I mention, POPTARTS, PIES and PERSONALIZED DESSERT PACKAGES, Yanna’s Sweets takes southern baking to a whole new level. Although, Yanna’s Sweets is an online based business you can get her cookies shipped directly to your home, nothing better than coming home from a long day of work to a box of cookies at your door step. Head on over to Yanna's Sweets to get even more information!


Chico's Cheesecakes

Let’s talk about Jasmine and all the killer cakes she’s serving up at Chico’s Cheesecakes. I mean these cheesecakes are DECADENT, DELICIOUS and FULL of SOUL. Her vibe alone is what kept me coming back for more! Not to mention if you’re worried about feeling guilty about scarfing down an entire cheesecake you can simply order a cheesecake jar or cheesecake cupcake. From the creamy texture to fruity and fun flavors, I am trying not to obsess over Chico's Cheesecakes but I CAN'T STOP. Also, if you're feeling frisky and order one of her Specialty Cheesecakes, you can freeze it and save it for later! Yes, yall, TREAT YO' SELF to the gift that keeps on giving. Find out more about these slices here.


DEEZ Cake's by Bri

Now you can get with THIS or you can get with DEEZ! Deez Cakes by Bri will definitely have you getting all deez sweets! Brianna is yet another Black Bombshell making her name in the baking industry. Located in Schaumburg, Illinois, her baking career is taking off. Not only are her cheesecakes dreamy and cobblers classic but she truly has a heart for others. Although she makes some baller desserts, for me, the sugar cookie was a comforting classic made fun. A few SPRINKLES and A WHOLE LOT of LOVE is definitely the feel you get with Deez Cakes by Bri.


Toasty's Cincy

Courtney. Courtney. Courtney. This girl is just great yall. Her vibrant personality and calming spirit are really what makes Toasty's Cincy so special. I mean the cake jars aren't a bad sell either LOL. Seriously, Toasty's is serving up Homemade Sweets & Treats, curating custom orders and little by little are making the world better one cupcake at a time. From Vanilla-Bourbon Buttercream and Brown Sugar CANDIED BACON Cupcakes to your classic pound cake (THE POUND CAKE) you won't miss a kraving with Toasty's.


If you know a Black Baking Bombshell please feel free to reach out, this ever growing list that only adds to the wonder of Black Girl Magic. Let's keeping supporting our community and uplifting one another - God Bless!

xo Kait xo

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