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DOMO at Yo Home

Every time I turn my head, Cincinnati is up to something, I LOVE IT. From countless events, to opening new eateries during a pandemic and managing to change the way we eat local, I am SO proud to live in this little wonderland so many of us call home.

Most recently, this wonderland has been given the undeserving gift of DOMO at home. DOMO is cultivating chef-driven meals that make you feel like the chef, from the team behind Sotto, Boca & Nada. Simply order, wait for delivery, follow the instructions and prepare. How easy is that! From 30 minutes to an hour you can have a Cincy restaurant experience in your own home. Whether for the holidays, a birthday, or perhaps as an "I'm sorry honey" or even because you simply procrastinated (this is me, I am this LOL) DOMO has you covered!

Overall, the main reason I love DOMO is because it gives me all the Hello Fresh feels without allowing it to become mundane. Some friends and I were talking about how it was so hard to keep up with our Hello Fresh subscriptions, and mostly because, we couldn't balance the amount of food we were receiving in the mail with our social life of eating out, attending food events and quite frankly, just not wanting to cook sometimes. DOMO gets rid of all those concerns, and while the price may run a little higher with meals being anywhere from $65-150, I would much rather have the unique experience of a local restaurant that I know is going to taste AMAZING instead of having to worry about my Hello Fresh becoming Good-Bye Moldy (LOL). Truly, the two really are not comparable, but you get the idea. I say try DOMO at least once and I bet you'll be ordering again. They have a variety of meals to choose from, they are actively supporting local restaurants/chefs and they come RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR! That's Sotto, Nada & Boca basically headed straight to you for any dinner occasion, oh, yeah, SIGN ME UP!

For more information check out DOMO here.

xo Kait xo

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