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Eat Well, Travel Often: Break Up in the Name of Love

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Let's face it, break ups are hard. As corny as it sounds and quiche as it is, it's just true.

Although Kendall and Grocery Store Joe seemed to be the perfect couple, sometimes it just doesn't matter. I for one, know this first hand, as I continue to debate whether my ex is my true love or merely a chapter in my "Book of Boos". I keep having this debate with myself, (and him LOL) because if I'm completely honest with myself, HE IS GREAT, but dating is more than two great people, which I thought I knew, but I am quickly blinded by love. My past relationships truly were stepping stones, looking back on it, they often felt like footprints in the sand, lasting for but a moment, washed away by some shallow circumstances. However, my most recent ex doesn't sink in the sand of shallowness. He actually exemplifies many of the characteristics of the man I hope to marry one day. From constantly addressing areas where we need to grow to having constant grace when I mess up, makes me think, perhaps the fact that he doesn't like shrimp is not as big as an issue as I've made it out to be. (KIDDING GUYS) However, Joe and Kendall taught me something, momentary joy does not necessarily mean a lifetime of joy. Kendall is from Cali and Joe from Chicago, no amount of perfection was going to keep them from their families. They released a statement acknowledging the trials of distance and how they could no longer be away from their families, regardless of their love, all the cuisine and traveling excursions. I for one think this is admirable.

I understand why they broke up, family is everything. I am currently living 15 hours away from my parents in the underrated city of Cincinnati, while they soak up all the best rays in the sunshine state. Not only is it difficult, but every now and then I ponder the idea of moving back closer to them. I'm also coming to terms with the fact that my ex and I are in two very different spaces in life. It doesn't mean that we won't one day meet in the middle, but as of late, I get lost in the ideas of marriage and babies, while he is running head first towards his passions and education.

I am glad I got to meet Kendall and Grocery Store Joe. I am glad I got to see their love up close. I am also glad they released a statement concerning their break up and walking away in the name of love and family. We are all on a day by day journey, working to create the best life we can, and sometimes that means walking away from the ones we love the most. I'm not sure where my dating life is headed but I hope you are eating well, traveling often and breaking up in the name of love.

*(Side Note:This is not a pass to leave your boyfriend of girlfriend just to head home or travel to Ireland people, its metaphorical, OOKKAAYY)*

Moving on, I am currently kraving security in a relationship, not just greatness or perfection. I am trusting that God has me on that path and in the mean time I plan on continuing to grow, learn and eat on the way. Let me know what you're kraving in a relationship, perhaps I need some tips.


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