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Your Next Delicious Holiday Dessert Board

This holiday don't skip out on fun or flavor!

You accomplish both and be the family favorite with

Crunchmaster Crackers!

Honestly. I have never seen myself as a chef. I consider myself more of the Auntie that knows how to make anything pretty, LOL, but this is a simple way to dip your toes into feeling like chef and polishing off an almost too pretty to eat dessert board.

So, let's start with the base. Every dessert board needs that one element that brings the "WOW" right!? Mine this year was turning my Crunchmaster Crackers into peppermint bark, or a form of it, LOL.

What you will need:

  1. Multi-Seed Rosemary & Olive Oil Crunchmaster Crackers

  2. Milk Chocolate Brownie Thins (Crunchmaster)

  3. Dark Chocolate Chips - (to melt - you can also use white chocolate, but I burned my white chocolate like three times, SOOO proceed with caution, haha)

  4. Crushed Peppermint - I used Doscher's Peppermint Pieces

  5. Wax Paper

*You can find all these goodies at Kroger*


Alright yall, from the ingredients I'm sure you know the next steps. Melt your chocolate and dip your crackers about half way in the chocolate. Place on the wax paper and then top with your crushed peppermint. Refrigerate until solid. The Brownie Thins will be super sweet but the Rosemary and Olive Oil crackers will provide a classic savory twist on a holiday favorite.



The rest of the board is up to you! Here are some easy ways to build the perfect dessert board!

I hope you enjoy your holiday season will many bites, a few sips and memories with your friends and families! There is so much to celebrate and it can start in the kitchen. You know what they say, a full belly means a happy heart. You can start filling your loved one's bellies this year with Crunchmaster Crackers as they take on a fun holiday twist. And don't forget, after you've made all the treats to #takeacrunchinbreak and enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

xo Kait xo

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