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Picnic Date Night with LaRosa's Pizza

If You Could Be Any Type of Pizza What Would it Be and Why?


I’d be a plant based pizza - you know all hip and trendy Or a classic cheese pizza because omg you can never go wrong there!

You guys already know I love a good picnic! I absolutely love being outside and eating so naturally a backyard picnic date is right up my alley! But add some pizza to the mix too and call it an epic win, pizza is my favorite food group ANDDDDD @larosaspizzeria has PLANT BASED PIZZA options now! I mean plant based cheese and meat! Also fish options too! So now I can feel a little less guilty about my eating habits this summer, although I had my fair share of their cookies! Which are super underrated in my book! They are thick and chewy and omg when they’re warm! @larosaspizzeria has so many options, which is why I’ve always loved! Options for you and your date or friends & family! Whether you’re ordering in your Friday pizza night or outside and on the go you can treat yourself to LaRosa’s Salad Pizza or Cookies!

And you guys! I was on the phone with my sister @_kaykonut when I ordered this on my LaRosa’s Mobile App and she was surprised how quickly I drove up to my local LaRosa’s and they brought it out to me after texting my arrival! Not going to lie, I love living in this time. Easy quick service and perks when you order! And calories don’t count when the service is good okayyy Check out your local LaRosa’s and keep me posted on your favorite picks! Let’s share all the slices Happy Eating! #larosaspartner #larosaspizzeria #larosaspizza

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