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Making the MIMOST of it! This is Brunch 2020

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Who knew that a mimosa could teach me to focus? I know confusing right? Well let me tell you, This is Brunch taught me a whole lot!

So, I must admit, I was honored to be asked, to be a participating blogger to cover This is Brunch! through City Beat Cincy's, This is Brunch! Instagram account, however I am new at this and I don't think I planned accordingly. To be completely honest, I got so lost in trying to cover the event and capture all the right moments that I forgot to have fun for the first few hours. Even with donuts, bagels and mimosas calling my name, every sip needed to be captured or posted. I was a little overwhelmed. From being told to take pictures, to being in them, and not to mention, having to keep a smiling face because I had to represent @Kaitskravings the whole time I was there. Honestly I felt all over the place, but I think I played it off. Also, I'd like to mention, this event was PACKED! I felt like I had to be "ON" for the entirety of the event and almost lost the day to the craziness in my head. However, I'm so glad a mimosa slowed me down.

At one point, I could not carry my swag bag, Starlight Donut, phone and mimosa (which was being used as a prop and refresher LOL) and I just got annoyed not having enough hands to complete a full task, which made me SLOOOWWW DOOOWWWNNN. My cousin, a fabulous plus one, took the load off of me and simply held all my baggage. It gave me a moment to pause and just ENJOY the drink. Soon after, I found myself ACTUALLY TRYING THE FOOD AT THE EVENT and dancing to some Ethan and Joey. We even incorporated the Electric Slide to a country classic. From that moment on, I allowed myself to be myself. I forgot about who was there and who I was "supposed to be", instead I continued to be silly and JUST HAD FUN! Sure, I could have done more posting or started editing photos, however, I decided to be present. City Beat invited me because I'm me and I had to remember that. I had to remember that currently this is not my 9 to 5 and that posting on Instagram was an addition to the giveaways and promotion. I truly had to shift my perspective.

I am learning to constantly give myself grace. I am new at this and I am learning. I am a constant work in progress and yes, there are bloggers that have been doing this longer than me and mastering their craft, and I hope to learn from them and be less intimidated. I hope to take a step back and just enjoy future events, even when I'm "on the job". I am looking forward to attending This is Brunch! again, hopefully to do giveaways and coverage again but with a new look on it! First time is a try out, second time is a charm.

If you're new to this like I am, give yourself some time and grace. We can learn together.

I'm just going to keep making the MIMOST OF IT!

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