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Silas Creative Kitchen - Versailles, Ohio

Silas Creative Kitchen

So we all know, when it comes to food, ya girl is all in! Driving two hours for food just makes sense to me, guess I got lucky this time and got to stay, but seriously I may have paid to stay just to get that Focaccia Flatbread again! Outside of my favorite part being that I could walk downstairs for dinner, I really loved how seamless the restaurant flow was to the hotel and how the design was elevated, sophisticated and inviting. Our server was absolutely amazing, knowledgeable about each dish, their categorized menu and drinks that we were bound to love! I think we tried almost all of them, but that's besides the point, LOL. This was a wonderful dinner and I got to give props to Executive Chef Allen and this fresh and unexpected dinner that is sustainably sourced, from local farms, purveyors and distillers. This farm to table experience left me wanting to come back and so should you!

The Order:

Homemade Breads - Flatbread - Roasted Brussels - Beef Fat Fries - Tempura Fried Wild Mushrooms - Empanadas - Slow Roasted + Grilled Lamb - Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Skewers - Pan Roasted Faroe Island Salmon - Fig Cake

Silas also serves breakfast and lunch, and the in-house bar often has live music and the same delicious cocktails that are served at dinner!

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