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Where To Snag A Good Drink in Cincinnati: I

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

You’re Looking A Little Thirsty Sis, 💁🏾‍♀️🍹Let Me Help 🥰Here’s Some Spots In Cincy to Quench Your Thirst 💦

1️⃣Grab a swig Nostalgia, OTR - all the swanky, jazz wine 🍷 bar vibes. Not to mention Nostalgia, is black women owned, feel free to add it to black business to support in the Cincinnati Area!

2️⃣ Bar Saeso! Because they make some amazing cocktails 🍸 Plus, they are currently hosting Pata Roja Tacos! That's Cocktails, Conversations and Queso! Sign me up!

3️⃣Snag some bubble tea at Poke Hut, OTR then head to Washington Park - I'm here often lol.

4️⃣Get cozy at The Madison Place with a Cup of Joe ☕️

5️⃣Hanging around Oakley? Check out The Establishment, Oakley - don’t forget to catch some flames on their patio 🔥

6️⃣Lean into some chills & sips with the Frost Factory at Liberty Center.

7️⃣Chill outside this brick and mortar OTR staple Sundry & Vice, they also make great MOCKTAILS 🥰

8️⃣Yup more amazing bubble tea options in Oakley at Milk Jar (non-dairy options available)

9️⃣Bring a friend or two to try this guy at Veracruz Grill - don’t worry mom I didn’t drink this alone 🤣

🔟Head to Pleasant Ridge and check out Revolution Rotisserie! Good food, drinks and honestly don't sleep on the dessert!

Well where ever you go and whatever you drink, do so responsibly and wear your mask, and yes responsibly drink coffee and bubble tea too because, whew Chile, I was on a bender once 😂🤣 had to chill 🤣 CHEERS 🥂

xo Kait xo

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