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Vegan Charcuterie Board

Don't Worry the Kitchen Table Is Totally the One Place You Can - CUT THE CHEESE (LOL) Don't Freak Out - Vegan Cheese Isn't As Bad

This is probably the first of many vegan cheese boards I'll be experimenting with! As someone who maintains a mostly vegan diet I'm shocked I haven't done this before. It's perfect for grazing alone or entertaining a group of fellow plant based baddies. I mean, I think even our meat lovers would be shocked to know how good these options are! I have a REALLY HARD TIME GIVING UP DAIRY!!! Sooooooo, this cheese alternative was a huge hit with me!

Also eating vegan-ish throughout the week can be so delicious but often mundane, I find myself circling around the same few dishes very often and can lack in creativity, so I love the idea of this Vegan Charcuterie Board to shake things up a bit! So here's to finding more vegan options, trying to widen my horizons and slowly letting go of dairy (well maybe just during the week LOL).

All the DEETS!


  1. Sun-Maid - Pitted Dried Apricots

  2. Divina - Fig Jam

  3. Grapes (Feel free to swap for your favorite type of grape)

  4. Dried Dates - MY NEW FAVORITE!

  5. Maraschino Cherries - Ahhh A Good Cheat

"Meat & Cheese"

  1. Violife Foods - Just Like Parmesan

  2. Field Roast - Smoked Apple & Sage Plant-Based Sausage

Crackers & Nuts:

  1. Simple Truth -7 Ancient Grains Rice Crackers

  2. Back 2 Nature Food - Plant Based Crispy Wheat Crackers

  3. Cashews & Almonds (I got Simple Truth Small Packs)


  1. Rosemary - As always, great flavor addition as well

  2. Flowers, this just helps your board feel bright, springy and like you took an extra step even though it only took two seconds!

Overall it was delicious! My only warning is to still watch the calories! Just because it's vegan doesn't necessarily mean everything is good for you or you can have it in massive quantities. This board, depending on how you make it could range from 500 -1200 calories. BEWARE lol but in everything balance! ENJOY!

xo Kait xo

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